What happens to your business if:

  • Employees are too sick to work?
  • Customers don’t come in?
  • Employees have to stay home to care for their family?
  • Your family or you are ill?

What can your business afford to lose?
The BBHC Health Protection Clinic is your best defense against influenza outbreaks, helping ensure your employees will be there when you need those most!

These clinics can be offered at your location, for larger groups, or at the BBHC office, by appointment.

The Health Protection Clinic offers a comprehensive risk management program:

  • In-house Flu Clinics;
  • Protective N95 masks to minimize worker exposure to infectious diseases;
  • Protective Industrial Masks for workers exposed to noxious chemicals and gases;
  • Demonstrations of proper hand washing, the simplest, most effective way to prevent the spread of disease;
  • Individualized employee Blood Glucose testing and counselling by a Registered Nurse;
  • Demonstrations of personal protective equipment (PPE), including specialized eye shields, clothing and facial barriers, and;
  • An opportunity to speak to Registered Health Care Professionals on how to protect your employees and your business!

Occupational Health Protection and Compliance with OHSA

  • Is your business protected?
  • Can you afford to be shut down due to non compliancy?
  • What are your risks?
  • What do you need to do as your company grows?

BBHC Occupational Health and Safety Consultants are available to help ensure your business is compliant! We’ll also work with you to ensure a safe work environment, with a healthy and protected workforce, reduce WSIB costs, enhance your profile as a responsible organization and protect your investments and productivity!

Please contact us today to see how we can help you be the best business you can be!